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Sheet Metal

First Year
144 hours

Introduction to the Sheet Metal Trade
Basic Safety
Introduction to Hand Tools
Introduction to Power Tools
Tools of the Trade
Construction Math
Basic Communication Skills
Basic Employability Skills
Introduction to Construction Drawings
Introduction to Employability Skills
Introduction to Material Handling
Introduction to Sheet Metal Layout and Processes
Installation of Ductwork
Installation of Air Distributions Accessories
Basic Rigging
Trade Math One
Fabrication One:  Parallel Line Development
Commercial Airside Systems

Second Year
144 hours

Trade Math Two
Basic Piping Practices
Prints and Specifications
Air Properties and Distribution
Air Quality
Sheet Metal Duct Fabrication Standards
Basic Electricity
First Aid/CPR
Fiberglass Duct
Fabrication II: Radial Line Development
Bend Allowances
Money Management
Basic Electricity

Third Year
144 hours

Introduction to Welding, Brazing and Cutting
Trade Math III: Field Measurement and Fitting
Comprehensive Prints and Specs
Principles of Air Flow
Air Systems
Principles of Refrigeration
Louvers, Dampers, Access Doors
Energy Conversation Equipment
Architectural Sheet Metal
Fabrication III: Triangulation
Planned Maintenance
10-Hour OSHA
Energy Conservation

Fourth Year
144 hours

Shop Production
Fume and Exhaust System Design
Fabrication IV: Review
Air Balance
Introduction to Crew Leader Skills
Sheet Metal Code Review
Troubleshooting Gas Heating
Your Role in the Green Environment