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First Year
144 hours

Introduction to the Plumbing Profession
Basic Safety
Plumbing Safety
Introduction to Construction Math
Plumbing Math
Introduction to Hand Tools
Introduction to Power tools
Plumbing Tools
Introduction to Construction Drawings
Introduction to Plumbing Drawings
Plastic Pipe and Fittings
Basic Rigging
Basic Communications
Employability Skills
Material Handling
Basic Rigging
Copper Pipe and Fittings
Cast-Iron Pipe and Fittings
Carbon Steel Pipe and Fittings
Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing
Fixtures and Faucets
Introduction to Drain, Waste and Vent Systems

Second Year
144 hours

Plumbing Math II
Reading Commercial Drawings
Installing and Testing DWV Piping
Hangers, Supports, Structural Penetrations and Fire Stopping
Installing Roof, Floor, and Area Drains
Types of Valves
Installing and Testing Water Supply Piping
Installing Fixtures, Valves and Faucets
Introduction to Electricity
Installing Water Heaters
Fuel Gas Systems
Servicing Fixtures, Valves and Faucets

Third Year
144 hours

Applied Math
Sizing Water Supply Piping
Potable Water Treatment
Backflow Preventers
Types of Venting
Sizing DWV and Storm Systems
Sewage Pumps and Sump Pumps
Corrosive Resistant Waste Pumping
Compressed Air
10-Hour OSHA
Your Role in the Green Environment

Fourth Year
144 hours

Business Principles for Plumbers
Water Pressure Booster and Recirculation Systems
Indirect and Special Waste
Hydronic and Solar Heating Systems
Servicing Piping, Systems, Fixtures, and Appliances
Introductory Skills for the Crew Leader
Code Books Review
Reading Blueprints
Copper Joints and Brazing
Sustainable Construction Supervisor