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First Year
144 hours

Basic Safety
Basic Employability Skills
Construction Math
Introduction to Hand Tools
Introduction to Power Tools
Basic Communication Skills
Basic Employability Skills
Introduction to Material Handling
Basic Rigging
Introduction to Construction Drawings
Reading Plans and Elevations
Introduction to Light Equipment
Safety Requirements with Concrete
Introduction to Concrete, Reinforcing Materials and Forms
Site Layout – Distance and Measurement

Second Year
144 hours

Properties of Concrete
Reinforcing Concrete
Handling and Placing Concrete
Rigging Equipment
Rigging Practices
Commercial Drawings
Trenching and Excavating
First Aid/CPR
Foundations and Slab-on Grade
Vertical Formwork
Horizontal Formwork
Tilt-up Panels

Third Year
144 hours

Floor Systems
Wall and Ceiling Framing
Windows & Exterior Doors 
Roof Framing
Your Role in the Green Environment
Cold Form Steel Framing
Drywall Installation
Drywall Finishing
Exterior Finishing
Roofing Applications
Advanced Roof Systems
Thermal and Moisture Protection
10-Hour OSHA

Fourth Year
144 hours

Site Layout - Angular Measurement
Doors and Door Hardware
Window, Door, Floor and Ceiling Trim
Review of International Building Code
Building Materials, Fasteners, and Adhesives
Cabinet Fabrication and Installation
Interior Finish Three: Window, Door, Floor, and Ceiling Trim
Advanced Wall Systems
Basic Stair Layout
Advanced Stair Layout
Introduction to Crew Leader Skills
Sustainable Construction Supervisor