On Job Training

Apprenticeships consist of daily on-the-job training by a contractor/employer supplemented with classroom and lab lessons once per week at night in a chosen skilled trade. At CITC we offer a hands-on-educational experience for students who enjoy learning by doing. Apprentices earn while they learn alongside a group of like-minded people who are building a long-term career. Receive specialized training in well paid, in-demand and highly skilled occupations.

The CITC Process for success:

  • Call us now for your one-on-on confidential consultation – let’s see if CITC makes sense for you!
  • If it does – CITC will help you find an employer to sponsor your apprenticeship so you can earn while you learn and not be saddled with huge education bills.
  • CITC will help you select from skilled trade options that best suit your interests
  • You’ll attend class once per week for 3-4 years (depending on program)
  • Upon completion, you are prepared to work in your field as a Journeyman earning a good living and a continuous opportunity for personal advancement