From Apprentices

Earn While You Learn
& Get Promoted Faster

“An apprenticeship is a great tool to help accelerate the development of your career. Your company pays for your education instead of you taking out loans for college. You get to earn a living while you are in school. Most companies prefer to promote crafts people that completed the apprenticeship before those who haven’t.”

Patrick C. – CITC Graduate M.A. Mortenson, Senior Surveyor
11 years industry experience – CITC carpentry instructor

You’ll Never
Go Hungry

“My favorite saying is “Once you have a license in your pocket, you will never go hungry”. I am a believer in becoming qualified in what you do. Hands-on training is one of the best ways to learn and CITC can give you that.”

Meghan T., CITC graduate, certified carpenter and surveyor
13 years industry experience, CITC carpentry instructor for 10 years

College Is Not
For Everyone

“College is not for everyone – but joining an apprenticeship is essentially the same thing that while earning college credits, you’re also earning immediate income in your course of study. When you finish your apprenticeship you will not be in debt and in most cases you can just continue to grow with the company which you started your apprenticeship. The programs at CITC create a quick organized path to ensure a rewarding future.”

Casey C. – CITC graduate
10 years industry experience and CITC electrical instructor

Construction workers are the backbone of society today

“There will always be a need for construction workers no matter what. (New construction when the economy is booming, and remodel / facility upgrade work when it isn’t). The Blue Collar Construction Worker is the backbone of society today, just as it has been in the past and always will be in the future.

The skills that are learned in a CITC construction industry apprenticeship program gives those who choose not to go to college a viable alternative to a good quality of life and the means to earn a decent living for themselves and their families.”

Mark N. – CITC Pipefitting Instructor, MTech Mechanical, Field manager/ General Superintendent, 33 years industry experience

From Contractors

Fast Track To

“Our Company Vision is “Lead, Grow, Inspire and Matter” – the combination of safety and trade specific training from CITC for Sheet Metal and Pipefitting grows our apprentices into productive workers on the job site and puts them on the fast-track to becoming a well-rounded journeyman. We have been training with CITC for nearly 30 years and always recommend CITC – it is “the” construction trades training organization.”

Brian Rogers – Rogers & Sons / CITC Board Member

CITC Pivotal To Workforce Development Of The Next Generation

“The amount of people versus the demand for construction professionals has provided a tremendous opportunity for anyone truly interested in succeeding in the industry. CITC is pivotal to the training and workforce development of the next generation. Providing apprentices the “theory and education” behind the tasks that they are performing during the day is extremely important to the overall development of a safe and well-rounded employee for all contractors involved.”

Nate O. – Hunt Electric, Vice President of Colorado Operations / CITC Board Member

Have Used CITC For Over 13 years

“We send our apprentices to CITC because MTech has always put a high value on training, whether its apprenticeship or upgrade classes. We know that a properly trained work force will minimize our risk, improve on safety and provide a quality installation for our customers. We believe that this is most valuable at the apprenticeship level and CITC delivers the training we need time and time again. We have been using CITC for over 13 years. They teach not only the quality aspect of our work but the understanding to our apprentices of how our systems are intended to work and function flawlessly.”

Chris B. – MTech – CITC Board Member

From Instructors

Positive Enthusiasm
and Passion

“I love working at CITC because it’s an opportunity to give back to the electrical trade. I’ve been so blessed with so many opportunities I can only hope to be a part of the positive growth in construction here in Denver and throughout Colorado.

CITC’s staff and instructors go above and beyond to reach out and help the student understand the trades. They stay on the cutting edge of learning and the latest technology in the particular trades taught. All of the CITC instructors are deeply passionate about their individual craft and all are true professionals in their respected trades and that enthusiasm and passion for the business rubs off on CITC students in a very positive way that helps the student and the contractors.

I look forward to helping you build a great career for yourself in construction!”

Michael A. – Weifield Group Contracting – Special Projects – Field Supervisor – CITC Electrical Instructor for 10 years

Support from the industry while building your future

“I take great pleasure in training tomorrow’s workforce today. A career in the construction industry offers a lifetime of opportunity and a great future. I believe a trade is learned thru experience and encouragement and that’s what we provide at CITC.

CITC is a work related apprenticeship providing students with support from their industry while building their future.

I started as a plumbing apprentice in 1986 and worked for 16 years in commercial plumbing construction and another 14 years in residential construction. I am Master Plumber and have been teaching plumbing for 12 years now.
I look forward to seeing you in my class and teaching you the trade skills needed for a great career in construction.”

Robert M. – CITC Plumbing Instructor

CITC Helped Me
Make A Great Living

“I teach at CITC because I have great pride in the trades and they have provided me a great living over the decades. Other plumbers took the time to teach me when I was coming up and now it’s my turn to teach the next generation.

CITC was a great value to me as a student and helped me make a great living and raise a family – all with no student loans. CITC provided me with the knowledge I needed that gave me more opportunity to further my career.

I am proud and happy to meet and teach people who are excited and passionate about the trades, and I’m glad I can help them in their careers. I look forward to meeting you soon.”

Steve W. – HPE – Master Plumber, Journeyman Steamfitter, Superintendent / CITC graduate and Plumbing Instructor

Turning “Handy”
Into A Career

“In an unstable economy many people with higher education and many years of work experience find themselves unemployed. People with a skilled trade and a desire to work hard will always have work. It’s a fulfilling job for those that enjoy working with both their hands and their minds.

The thing I love most about being an electrician is being able to receive instant gratification from seeing something that I just built. You don’t have to wait years to see the fruit of your labor. Every day you get to see results and progress. That’s very fulfilling.

Many people fancy themselves “handy” at being able to do different types of work and complete different projects – but to truly be a skilled tradesmen you need to not only understand how to do the work, but also understand the theory behind why it is done that way. This is what we teach at CITC.

A CITC apprenticeship provides you the opportunity to be mentored into becoming a craftsman of your trade. I am looking forward to helping you build your career of a lifetime.”

Lincoln S. – Pagett Electric – Estimator/Assistant Service Manager / CITC Electrical Instructor